Noel KennaDirector Noel Kenna gave a presentation on the 1st June 2016 at the National Forestry Conference which is organised by The Wood Marketing Federation and the Society of Irish Foresters, in Johnstown House Hotel, Enfield, Co Meath on

‘Strengthening the link from forest to processor as the contractor sees it.’

Roundwood Timber Ltd. is a family run company which provides harvesting and haulage to the timber industry. We are in existence since 1986 we have and continue to work on large and small contracts for the state and ever increasingly to private owners. Our business directly employs 17 people and we use the most technologically advanced harvesters and forwarders and along with our own road transport fleet, we deliver timber products throughout the country.

The harvest contractor is arguably the most important link between the forest and the markets. In order to enable us to meet the needs of the forestry industry, we have invested heavily in the most modern machinery and technology. For us to continue to invest, continuity of well-planned work needs to be evident. We need to prove to the banks in these difficult times that they will also get a return on their investment.

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